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Configure FTP server in windows for quick class task

Chemistry class will be over and assignment need to collect  very soon. I have to set quick ftp server shared folder to accomplished that task.

Each student must send their task  via ftp. Filezilla already set in last meeting, now  must configure it for student, need quick and easy way.

1. Student save their task with winzip file with their name as file name

2. Using assigned user : class1 and password 123456

3. Shared folder in read and write mode,  they must honest, as md5 file of their task is the only proof for receipt 🙂

Here’s my steps for configure Filezilla FTP server :

Click FileZilla Server Interface to edit some configuration

Edit welcome message first 🙂

Click on group setting, add user group task1, click OK

Define Shared folder, I make directory task 1 for shared folder

Add user account class1 with group task1 must replace with network lan address ex :

See log, seem fine to proceed

Attention class, please submit your task please 🙂