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Dynamips 0.2.8-RC1 release – Introduction of Cisco 1700 platform and WICs

From Cris blog :

Hello all,

The 0.2.8-RC1 release is available. It requires a Dynagen upgrade since the hypervisor control protocol has been modified. The new Dynagen release will be published by Greg soon.

New features:

  • Support of the Cisco 1700 platforms, with WIC-1T, WIC-2T and WIC-1ENET cards (as for the 2600, the images need to be uncompressed before use).
  • Support of WIC-1T and WIC-2T for the 2600 (2 WIC slots), 2691, 3725 and 3745 (3 WIC slots) platforms.
  • Support of NM-NAM and NM-CIDS interfaces BUT this not means that you can use them out of the box. It means that you can connect your virtual routers to a VMWare, QEMU, … virtual PC running the NM-CIDS/NM-NAM code. I don’t provide a method to do this, but you can take inspiration here: If someone wants to document how to setup this, he/she is welcome.
  • Plugin system (not documented yet) that allows to dynamically load new platforms. It is mainly for coding tests (it avoids to modify the dynamips core with temporary code).

Optimizations / Bug-fixes:

  • New generic card framework to reduce the code specific to each platform (it is transparent to users, and was required for WIC support) ;
  • Fixed JIT compiler for PowerPC and MIPS platforms on MacOS X (stack alignment) ;
  • Fixed JIT compiler for PowerPC on 64-bit Linux platform (incorrect “bctr” instruction) ;
  • Added ISL support for NM-1FE-TX card ;
  • Fixed the Serial cards (NM-4T, PA-4T, PA-8T, PA-POS-OC3, WICs) to handle correctly CRC stuff. Now, you can interconnect them to the virtual Frame-relay switches.

Important note: The use of WIC cards is a bit complicated without Dynagen, so I strongly recommend to use it to mask the gory details.


0.2.8-RC1 binary for Linux x86 platforms

0.2.8-RC1 binary for Linux x86_64 platforms

0.2.8-RC1 binaries for Windows XP and 2000

0.2.8-RC1 source code