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GNS3 0.3 available

We are proud to announce the version 0.3 of GNS3, this version is considered as a beta.

A lot of new features and bug-fixes are available, the most important are:

– Support of Ethernet, ATM and Frame-Relay switches
– Included hub (Bridge of Dynamips) and cloud (external connections) devices
– Added the Dynagen console (nearly all commands supported)
– New GUI settings
– Improved node configurator
– Load and save in Dynagen INI-like configuration files
– Multi-language support (howto for translators soon)

A documentation has been written and is available in the documentation section on the website

Note: the official name of the project is now GNS3 (not gns-3 nor GNS-3)

Thank you for reporting bugs with details

GNS3 Staff

Great progress by GNS3 team.