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NetBSD 4.0 released, grab it while its Hot

Form NetBSD mailinglist :

The  NetBSD  Project  is  pleased  to announce that release 4.0 of the
   NetBSD  operating  system  is now available. NetBSD is a free, secure,
   and  highly  portable Unix-like Open Source operating system available
   for  many  platforms, from 64-bit Opteron machines and desktop systems
   to  handheld  and  embedded  devices.  Its  clean  design and advanced
   features   make   it   excellent   in  both  production  and  research
   environments,  and  it  is  user-supported  with complete source. Many
   applications  are easily available through pkgsrc, the NetBSD Packages

   Major  achievements in NetBSD 4.0 include support for version 3 of the
   Xen  virtual  machine  monitor, Bluetooth, many new device drivers and
   embedded  platforms  based  on ARM, PowerPC and MIPS CPUs. New network
   services  include  iSCSI target (server) code and an implementation of
   the  Common  Address  Redundancy  Protocol.  Also, system security was
   further  enhanced  with  restrictions  of  mprotect(2)  to enforce W^X
   policies,  the Kernel Authorization framework, and improvements of the
   Veriexec  file  integrity  subsystem,  which can be used to harden the
   system  against trojan horses and virus attacks. Please read below for
   a list of changes in NetBSD 4.0.

great, looks like NetBSD developer team laso wanna give Christmas gift 🙂

Link to download iso file : click here

Source : mailinglist