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OpenSSH X11-forwarding privilege escalation

Just update the box with this issue :

FreeBSD-SA-08:05.openssh                                    Security Advisory
                                                          The FreeBSD Project

Topic:          OpenSSH X11-forwarding privilege escalation

Category:       contrib
Module:         openssh
Announced:      2008-04-17
Credits:        Timo Juhani Lindfors
Affects:        All supported versions of FreeBSD
Corrected:      2008-04-16 23:58:33 UTC (RELENG_7, 7.0-STABLE)
                2008-04-16 23:58:52 UTC (RELENG_7_0, 7.0-RELEASE-p1)
                2008-04-16 23:59:35 UTC (RELENG_6, 6.3-STABLE)
                2008-04-16 23:59:48 UTC (RELENG_6_3, 6.3-RELEASE-p2)
                2008-04-17 00:00:04 UTC (RELENG_6_2, 6.2-RELEASE-p12)
                2008-04-17 00:00:28 UTC (RELENG_6_1, 6.1-RELEASE-p24)
                2008-04-17 00:00:41 UTC (RELENG_5, 5.5-STABLE)
                2008-04-17 00:00:54 UTC (RELENG_5_5, 5.5-RELEASE-p20)
CVE Name:       CVE-2008-1483

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including descriptions of the fields above, security branches, and the
following sections, please visit <URL:>.

Just use freebsd-update start by :
freebsd-update fetch
freebsd-update install

Patch set :-)