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Mysql Trigger Tutorial and Tools

Deal with gammu and mysql make learn more about mysql feature in mysql 5.0 called trigger.

Books always good to start with so I choose MySQL Stored Procedure Programming book to start with but others might help to for someone looking for practical solution in cookbook form etc :

  1. High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More
  2. MySQL Cookbook
  3. MySQL Stored Procedure Programming
  4. MySQL in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O’Reilly))
  5. MySQL Administrator’s Bible (Bible (Wiley))
  6. Understanding MySQL Internals

Looking around in google make me find some interesting links around trigger in mysql, here the list :

Wew, a lot of example but for deliver due project I’ll use cron. Once I get the point I’ll try out trigger 🙂