101 nginx tutorial and articles

I’m bit lazy to read manual and prefer to read it as a case. Nginx is my favourite now, by collecting related tutorial, blog posting and articles I hope I can learn nginx more.

Links I found so far :

  1. Reverse proxy in depth tutorial
  2. Step by step install Engine X (nginx) and php-fpm in FreeBSD
  3. Dreamier Dream Server with Nginx
  4. Setting Up nginx
  5. New Nginx.conf with optimizations
  6. NginxVirtualHostExample
  7. Nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache
  8. WordPress with Apache and NginX
  9. Moving to Nginx
  10. Nginx + PHP + PHP-FPM on Debian Etch 4.0
  11. WordPress + NGINX : plain permalinks without rewrite
  12. HOWTO: Install WordPress on Nginx
  13. NginX Reporting for Duty
  14. How to do your Nginx rewrites on a Multi User WordPress Integrated with BBPress
  15. Rewrite Non-SSL traffic to SSL Virtual Host with Nginx
  16. HOWTO: Configure nginx for Debian / Ubuntu
  17. Nginx Hacking Tips
  18. Tips on Configuring Nginx for Virtual Hosting
  19. Nginx and Memcached, a 400% boost!
  20. Install Nginx On Ubuntu Server 9.04

More links will be add.

Last Update : May 14 2009