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PCBSD7 released, download now!

After release beta1 version of PCBSD7 reach final version.

A few changes :

PCBSD 7 – Changelog (9-15-08)
* Updated KDE to 4.1.1
* Updated Nvidia driver to 177.70 (beta)
* Updated included Quick-Guide to version for 7
* Added additional ATH wifi device support
* Fixed BSDStats reporting
* Improved Xorg setup of ATI cards, should enable DRI for more systems
* Updated installer to support all varieties of passwords, including spaces and special characters
* Fixed detecting and using SSID’s with a space in the name
* Fixed initial login sound playback
* Updated USB install to support FAT formatted USB sticks
* Fixed numerous other bug reports from previous betas

More detil on changelog.

Willing to download?

Find suitable version here :