Setting up RouterBoard RB433 AH

New Mikrotik RB has arrived, its RB433AH wireless indoor.

As I never use mikrotik before it’s time to configure it for first use :

1. Download neigbour viewer for windows from mikrotik.


2. Unzip the files using winzip or winrar.

Double click to launch neighbour viewer

At first time IP address will display it means no ip address assigned.

To assign new address double click its MAC address.


3. Login using user : admin , password is empty. Just Hit Enter


3. Screen when login succesfully.


4. Plug ethernet cable to RB433AH

type command :

interface print


5. Set ip address

Make sure to activate at least one interface.

command add ip address in mikrotik, for example :

ip address add address= interface=ether3
ip address add address= interface=ether1

6. Use winbox for next configuration.