How to make money online with adfly : tips and tricks

Never thought never cross my mind if sharing link will give money, at least potential resource for make money online through link until I put into small action and here’s current result :

What is URL shortener?

URL shortener is web service that provide long URL address into short address.

Not big as others who actively promote their link with adfly,  what I do is maximize my blog potential traffic.

Tip1 : Checking statistics

Click that link will bring you to detail page where data traffic explained in terms :

  • Referrer : url that refer the post or page or website.
  • Search Engine Terms : what keyword people type on search engine
  • Top Post & Pages : Post and pages that get most visit.
  • Clicks : link inside post or pages that get click

as you from the picture, there is one post that get views 2586 on that day.

See the post and insert your adfly link for profit.

Tips 2: Using adfly Full Page Script

Access this menu from Tools link.

Change the url based on “Clicks” .

Write down the address of clicked URL to Full Page Script.

Put the code before <body> tag and you’re run into business.