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How to Cancel Paypal Recurring Payments

I love to try new thing, as slogan of my blog. Learning on demand, learning from anywhere 🙂 . I got email from opt-in mailing list yesterday, told me about software that will enhance my knowledge around marketing. All billing things handled by clickbank and they have recurring payment system in monthly basis. After test it in one day with $1 teaser I feel don’t get what I want to so I decide to cancel.

Since the payment using paypal I’ll share how to cancel clickbank recurring payment for any of you that might want to do the same as I did.

Login to paypal, see details of transaction to make sure you cancel the right one.

Click Profile link, not its sub menu.

Under Financial Information you’ll see My preapproved payments, click that link.

Choose Merchant by click the name.

Billing details will open with status “Active”, click link Cancel.

Cancel confirmation will show up, asking if you really want to cancel authorize/recurring payments to clickbank.

Click Yes.

Done. You’ll see status of billing details “cancelled” with one email from paypal confirm the status.

This technique also applicable with other merchant like godaddy that put ‘auto renew’ option for domain or other service by default. I got to pay the bill automatically since I forgot to disable ‘auto renew’ feature for non productive domain and waiting for one year to cancel it 🙂