Cheap VPS that support FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and many more – KVM SSD technology

Since I retire from my old company I don’t have access to FreeBSD server that I manage. I use FreeBSD since version 4.7 till latest version 9.0 (last version when I retire). The only option I do is using VirtualBox.

With less access to server make my memory get weak but I still get my old post here work when I need together with video made. Last week a friend told me about new VPS provider called Vultr that give great deal.


Start from $5/month or you can choose hourly charge you can choose many location available such as Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington for USA preferred location. Other server location are Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, German for Europe vps preferred location or Sydney and Tokyo for Asia consumer (at the of writing I see 14 location available). I hope in future they can add other for Asia, Singapore for example.

vps with 14 location available; support usa, europe and asia region

Operating System

By default Vultr provide two architecture; 32 and 64 bit. Each bit have their own ‘default’ OS like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD and Windows. In 64 bit OS section you have ‘custom iso’ section. This section dedicated for other OS that not available on the list. So far I have try install DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD and other Linux variant like Slackware, OpenSuse and Fedora using custom iso and working well.


Price scheme also good I my opinion. I can tell my student to do their experiment using this service. They can get more memory with same price as other provide like DigitalOcean (but DO not provide custom iso).

vps default operating system available plus custom iso and snapshot then price option

Custom Iso Service

custom _iso_vps

Vultr provide custom iso that let you use iso with maximum 5192MB in size, that could be DVD size. Very spoiling me and my imagination. I can do my experiment with so many scenario. For example I can deploy linux distribution that specialize in disk management like gparted the followed by install Slackware OS or vice versa start with OS installation then resize the disk with gparted for new swap and more.

Server Type

I see it from benchmark experiment. I can experiment for server recipe that might involve database load balancing, high availability, data server like ftp and multi processor utilization operation.

cheap vps that provide different type of server; performance series, storage series and multicore series

KVM and SSD Technology

I love KVM since I never face problem with it. Using SSD for fast operation and I think I prefer to use VPS than my ‘dedicated’ server that utilize IDE for some work.

Last time I make deposit, the provider match my deposit 1:1. $10 get $10 so I got $20 in my account. Good for one instance for 4 month or I can switch the operating system each month 🙂

My friend told me if the provider maybe try to compete with Digital Ocean so they give same price. I don’t care. Competition is good for customer like us. Give more location, good up time and low latency then your customer ‘soul’ is yours ( Mortal Combat ).

Click here to get your box.