I just visit FreeBSD snapshots page and see FreeBSD 8 current available in FTP. If you wish try it you might visit their Snapshots Page. Whats new in FreeBSD 8, a few page or blog already write about it, such as : FreeBSD – What’s cooking for FreeBSD 8? , Ivoras documentation. FreeBSD 8, Farokhi […]

From mmliac in hacki forum : I have tested trunking between two 3660 with NM-16ESW and it works fine. Connected 3 Wmware computers on each side in 2 different vlans. Vlan information is being transferred from the VTP server to the VTP client. I am using Vmware Workstation 5.0 and Dynamips is running on the […]

Wow, many framework for PHP get mature and stable. One of them is Zend Framework, already reach 1.0.0 version Unfortunately I still stick with PHP4 not ready yet for PHP5 since Zend Framework only for PHP5. Maybe this framework will ‘force’ me to use PHP5 in production (not in cgi style hehehehe) From Zend Framework […]

My Vmware 6 trial is over but I already install FreeBSD 4,5,6 and 7 using it. After have some spare time to test VirtualBox 1.4.0 power ( able running vmdk) I give it a chance. Generally what I do is adding each disk to disk manager and run that disk. Here’s the steps : 1. […]

In last few days after testing stumbleupon effect I see very good result, almost everyday stats log get visitor from stumbleupon. Other socialbookmark like digg also included, netscape etc. Google analytics also give interesting result, direct access very small while two other source come into major contributor : Search Engines Referring sites I also see […]