Clonezilla Live 1.0.9-19 is out, partition plus cloning in one

From release information :

This release is a bug fixed one with some minor updates. 
– Bug fixed: memtest, freedos and etherboot were not listed in syslinux boot 
– Bug fixed: cciss RAID device restoration was broken. 
– Bug fixed: When "ocs-iso -s" or "ocs-live-dev -c -s" was run in Clonezilla live, etherboot and freedos image were not copied. Thanks to Spiros Georgaras. 
menu in clonezilla live zip file. 
– Now syslinux related files are in /syslinux/. 
– sdparm was added in Clonezilla live. 
– Newer syslinux.exe is used now. Makeboot.exe is replaced by so that USB flash drive will boot successfully with kernel under /casper/. 
– Package zip and unzip were added. 
– partclone 0.0.6 is used now so clone.fat is available. 
– More descriptions were added in the boot menu. 
– An option for VGA mode 640×480 was added so that it’s easier for some PC, e.g. Asus Eee PC, to backup and restore in Chinese environment.

Download Link iso : click here

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