Another need for try php on google app engine make install all required stuff : Install python $ sudo apt-get install python Check version : $ python -V Python 2.7.4 Install PHP CGI Download latest php 5.4 from download page : $ wget -c -O php-5.4.22.tar.gz $ tar xvzf php-5.4.22.tar.gz $ cd php-5.4.22/ $ […]

I want to learn new things and it seem a lot of changes already happened. Specially PHP. First time I learn about this lang I see 4.0 version. Today, I see PHP already reach 5.3, 5.4 and so on. I don’t know about OOP in PHP so I decide to learn about OOP by doing […]

New Server has come and again I must downgrade php version to 5.2 due to some problem on web application. I use same method I use for Ubuntu 10.04 for Ubuntu 10.10 x86. Let start Download required files for PHP 5.2 from Ubuntu Karmic repository #cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d #wget # cd /etc/apt/preferences.d/ #wget # […]

I have chance to install new server with standard requirement. SSH, Bind9 and LAMP. All process is smooth using i386 version of Ubuntu 10.04 but my friend complain about his web application not work well and after little investigation it looks like due to PHP version. Quick search on Google lead me to RandyFay post […]

I’m old fashion student who use phpcoder as tool for coding php until my friend suggest aptana editor with php support. When everything configured properly I’ll have php interpreter for immediate debug purpose and I think it’s suitable for new php user 🙂 I decide to give this software a try and here it goes. […]