As I have more machine that run FreeBSD 9 I decide to explore the installation process of PHP Framework. I want to start with Laravel as I feel this framework will be suitable with our team requirement. I already have working PHP 5.2.17 with Apache on my FreeBSD 9.2 box so I have to upgrade […]

Today I want to try to install Varnish on FreeBSD. A few scenarios  on my mind. Install varnish with nginx, lighttpd or cherokee with different port under Apache as front end. Due to lack of experience with Varnish I’ll start with Varnish using Apache first. Others will follow 🙂 Lets get started Check Apache installation […]

Deploy php script aka application to google app engine is interesting. I came from traditional ftp-ing (so 1999 hehehe), scp and cpanel. Google app engine provide 2 ways of deployment; through and via git. I’ll try to explore both options now. Preparation In this stage, application need to get register first to App Engine Administration […]

Another need for try php on google app engine make install all required stuff : Install python $ sudo apt-get install python Check version : $ python -V Python 2.7.4 Install PHP CGI Download latest php 5.4 from download page : $ wget -c -O php-5.4.22.tar.gz $ tar xvzf php-5.4.22.tar.gz $ cd php-5.4.22/ $ […]

I want to learn new things and it seem a lot of changes already happened. Specially PHP. First time I learn about this lang I see 4.0 version. Today, I see PHP already reach 5.3, 5.4 and so on. I don’t know about OOP in PHP so I decide to learn about OOP by doing […]