Wow, almost a year I didn’t touch this blog. At least this blog still have visitor from nowhere 🙂 Ok, today I have challenge to install phalcon php extension (at the moment the version is 3.4.2). The vps server already has centminmod installed using latest version of CentOS 7. Since the server is critical so […]

Long time hiatus 🙂 . Yes, being busy with unnecessary things but its fine I come back after a year hahaha. Today I want to share proces for install Ted, I need this for rtftopdf purpose. rpm file not work for my case since I use latest CentOS (7.4 at this moment). The install process […]

Just quick note for myself when try Laravel Valet on macOS Sierra (10.12.2) Install  homebrew (if not installed) : /usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL” Install PHP 7.1 Libpng brew link libpng Linking /usr/local/Cellar/libpng/1.6.28… 18 symlinks created brew install homebrew/php/php71 test : php -v PHP 7.1.0 (cli) (built: Dec  2 2016 11:32:42) ( NTS ) Copyright […]