I need to get the fastest solution for push notification and my preference tool for my case is Ionic. Being apricity os user then I try to test it with ‘edge’ resources 🙂 Install NodeJs Ionic yaourt -S nodejs-ionic Check its result : npm -v 3.10.6 ionic -v ****************************************************** Dependency warning – for the CLI […]

Since I use Apricity and its arch linux ‘blood’ make me use latest php version (php 7.0.9 in time of writing) then I can’t get latest phalconphp (version 2). Finally I see phalconphp 3 released. I got little problem to install it but at least i know the error is in my side. /tmp/yaourt-tmp-alamsyahr/aur-php-phalcon/src/cphalcon-3.0.0/build/php5/64bits/phalcon.zep.c:203:30: fatal […]

Today I stumble upon a new language that looks promising in the future. Yes, its Kotlin Language. The syntax very ‘industrial minded’ in my opinion but I like it. I have put these 2 books for my next to buy for future reference : Kotlin for Android Developers: Learn Kotlin the easy way while developing […]

I want to reinstall android studio on my apricity linux box and as always I need to write the process for my future reference. Android Studio 2 I use yaourt : yaourt -S android-studio note : same command also work for upgrade Android Studio to newer version Java in Apricity By default android studio will […]

Host Activities Create document root folder In last post I already write about PHP installation in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server 32 bit. All those PHP must have their own place and I already create the folders in VirtualBox Host (Apricity OS) within public_html folder : php52; for location of testing on php 5.2.17 php53; for […]