I almost forgot that I have account in metcafe.com, a place to publish your video, like youtube.com but with extra hit from powerfull  member community. Today, I just check my email  in google apps then see a few notification of new comment in my video. Wow, I found fantastic hit in one of my video. […]

I’m in a hurry when I heard little story about Leonardo da Vinci curriculum vitae, being curious I do some research and wikipedia gave good result : Leonardo’s Letter to Ludovico the Moor Most illustrious Lord, Having now sufficiently considered the specimens of all those who proclaim themselves skilled contrivers of instruments of war, and […]

PHP ternary operator isn’t beautiful for reading reason It’s also make confuse, but for the sake of simple it’s OK 🙂 Syntax : ( expr1 ) ? ( expr2 ) : (expr3) If expr1 return true, then it evaluates to ( expr2 )If expr1 return false, then it evaluates to ( expr3 ) it’s similar […]

Joomla is very popular CMS, it’s easy to setup and require only working php and mysql installation. A problem may arise when your administrator password lost or forgot. Can I recover my admin password or create a new one ? It’s common question in "Setting your own Content Management System" workshop. Use php md5() function […]

This code snippet validate user input from a form : $year=strip_tags($year); if(empty($$year) || is_numeric($year) || strlen($year)!=4 || $year strip all html tags ( handle by strip_tags ) make sure the year in 4 digit (with strlen help) make sure its number not character (is_numeric) not empty (php empty function) force user enter year of birth […]