The best way to learn language programming is write the code itself. Many times I see that sentence I take learning by doing model plus copy paste 🙂 Beside reading manual, forum, chat as place to search for code I like this one : Krugle Krugle approach is very sweet. Krugle offer three tabs: Code […]

While surfing in internet my student see "strange" file extension .love He asked me : "How it could be ?" Well, I told him about another feature of httpd.conf Just open httpd.conf , find this line : AddType application/x-httpd-php .php Change it into AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .love .dear .whatever Save httpd.conf and restart apache You […]

DNS, playing big part in internet . When it’s not work or behaves ugly nothing you got than famous message ” Can’t resolve hostname ” or ” Unable to find IP address of …. ” I used to use my freebsd dns server or Linux dns server in the office but when it come to […]

PHP News PHP 5.2 release PHP Manual (chm, last update 5 Sep 2006) NetBSD 3.1 release, NetBSD 3.1 contains many bug fixes, security updates, new drivers and new features like support for Xen3 DomU Wait XAMPP for update to last version 🙂