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Detect more than one device for gammu

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Another device for sms gateway has arrived, its Nokia 6070

I have connect it to server and need to configure :

Steps taken to do that using gammu are :

1. Edit gammurc file, for example :

port = /dev/ttyUSB0
connection = at115200


port = /dev/ttyUSB1
connection = at115200

2. Detect it using its number, like this example :

[email protected]:/home/edpteam# gammu 1 –identify
Manufacturer         : Nokia
Model                : 6070 (RM-166)
Firmware             : V 04.23
IMEI                 : 3529400bbb66979
SIM IMSI             : 5100169401yyy60
[email protected]:/home/edpteam# gammu 0 –identify
Manufacturer         : Wavecom
Model                : unknown (MULTIBAND  900E  1800)
Firmware             : 652a09gg.Q2406A 1489876 060706 17:19
IMEI                 : 35162100aaa5120
SIM IMSI             : 5100169401xxx90

yes, by add number in front of gammu you can detect each device perfectly.