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Step by step guide install Hotspot Shield

Unblocked blocked website and open blocked website are common problem that I face when I’m in the office. Sometime I need to open facebook, gmail, youtube etc but its get blocked due to office IT policy restriction.

A few way to overcome that problem are :

  1. Using UltraVPN – How To Open Blocked Websites with UltraVPN
  2. Using Ultrasurf – How to use Ultrasurf for Bypass Blocked Websites
  3. Using Web Based Proxy
  4. Using SecureIpad – for Ipad user.

In this post I’ll add  Hotspot Shield, another way to overcome blocked sites.

Install Hotspot Shield on Windows 7

Lets get start!

Download latest version of Hotspot Shield from here.

Save the file to My Document or other directory

Run the file by double click it.

Choose folder where you want to download and save the installer.

( I just little confuse why Anchor Free don’t give the installer in first shoot)

Click Download.

Anchorfree download manager will download the installer to chosen folder.

You’ll see the installer in the folder, double click to start install Hotspot Shield software.

Select installer language and click OK.

Click Next.

Click I agree on License Agreement.

Click Next on Free Software Offers

Click Next on Hotspot Community Folder as you can disable it later.

Pick install location and click Install.

Windows Security will ask you whether you want to install the software, click Install button to allow the installer proceed to next step.

Installation complete, click Next.

Completing installation process by check the options : launch hotspot shield and create desktop icon.

How to use Hotspot Shield on Windows 7

After you have the software installed on your computer you can start access the program from start menu.

Click the icon to start use hotspot shield.

the software will automatically assign free server near your place and serve you. You’ll see state : Connected when you’re in the hotspot shield  network.

At this stage you can open as many tab as you want and visit any internet address you want.

You also able to check your current public ip address by visiting this address.

As you see from the picture I have IP : and hostname :

You also able to stop the service by click the icon that reside on taskbar. Click Disconnect/OFF to terminate current connection.

This connection is recommended while you’re in public place like un protected hotspot etc.

Enjoy your surfing and stay health!