Dynagen – interim 0.11.0 build for win xp and linux

From Dynagen website, a few enhancement in Dynagen in progress as a result of merge the confDynagen codebase into Dynagen like :

  1. dynamic reconfiguration
  2. Pemu server support (aka PIX emulation)

with a lot of major improvement and bugs handling.

To play with this version, you can download here.

Pavel.Skovajsa also write some tutorials :

Thanks for all great job guys 🙂

Dynagen Version 0.10.1 released to fix NM-16ESW bug and Tutorial updates

From Greg blog :

Continuing my quest to avoid a 1.0 release at all costs, here is version 0.10.0. The most important things in this release are support for 1700 platform emulation and WIC modules Chris added in 0.8.0-RC1. The tutorial has gotten a general update, along with documentation for using the new WIC modules. It also now includes a section with an up-to-date hardware reference that details all the models emulated by Dynamips, which adapters are supported and in which slots. Questions regarding these issues are (understandably) common on the forums.

Version 0.10.0:
* Support for the 1700 platform new to Dynamips 0.8.0-RC1. See the tutorial for supported platforms and modules.
* Support for WIC-1T, WIC-2T, and WIC-1ENET. See the tutorial for supported router platforms and usage.
* Support for NM-CIDS and NM-NAM. Note these are just "stubs" (at least as of this version of Dynamips). You can connect to them using "IDS-Sensorx/0 = …" or "Analysis-Modulex/0 = …" but they don’t actually do anything. See the tutorial for platform support.
* FS#154 – added "confreg" command to set the configuration register of router(s) from Dynagen. e.g. "confreg r1 0x2142" followed by "reload r1". Note changes to the config register will not be displayed in a "show ver" until the router is reloaded.
* FS#182 – Second port of PA-C7200-IO-2FE was not usable
* FS#177 – crash on malformed interface entry in net file
* Dynagen now automatically picks a PA-2FE-TX rather than a PA-FE-TX when referencing a FastEthernet on ports 1-6 on a 7200. You can override this to mimic the old behavior with "slotx = PA-FE-TX".
* the vbs file that launches SecureCRT sessions was missing from the Windows installer package
* Changed the state shown with the "list" command for virtual switches from "n/a" to "always on" to avoid confusion.
* Added an up-to-date list of hardware emulated by Dynamips to the tutorial. Thanks to ggee for performing the initial documentation in this post: http://7200emu.hacki.at/viewtopic.php?t=1831

* Accidentally only gave the NM-16ESW 15 interfaces.

Download here

Step by Step Guide installing GNS-3 in Windows XP

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While waiting for my lecture my laptop got hotspot signal. I hate waiting, so I try to install GNS-3 in my windows XP laptop.

What is GNS-3?

Taken from GNS-3 site :

"GNS-3 is a graphical network simulator that allows you to design complex network topologies. You may run simulations, or configure each device, from a simple workstation to a powerful Cisco router.

To allows complete simulations, GNS-3 is based on two existing projects:

  • NS-3 , a discrete-event network simulator for Internet systems, targeted primarily for research and educational use.
  • Dynamips, an IOS emulator which allows users to run IOS binary images from Cisco Systems.

GNS-3 is an open source product that may be used on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS X.

 Features overview

In the current version (alpha release) which is still under heavy development, GNS-3 works only with Dynamips. The ns-3 simulation mode has not been implemented yet.

Currently supported features:

  • Design of high quality network topologies.
  • Emulation of Cisco routers.
  • Load-balancing on multiple hosts/hypervisors when in emulation mode.
  • Topology import and export.
  • Image exports (PNG, JPEG, BMP, XPM)."

For complete windows package download here :

This packages contains :

  • Dynamips 0.2.7
  • WinPCAP 4.0
  • Python 2.5
  • Qt 4.2.3 DLLs and the MinGW DLL.
  • PyQt 4.2
  • GNS-3

Lets install :

1. Double installer, click Yes

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Current Hardware supported by dynamips

I just looking for the list  in google until find it in hacki forum 🙂

Here the list from here :

7200 (7206 only)
    Chassis type:
        – STD
        – VXR
        – npe-100
        – npe-150
        – npe-175
        – npe-200
        – npe-225
        – npe-300
        – npe-400
        – npe-g1
        – npe-g2
        – C7200-IO-FE  (FastEthernet, slot 0 only)
        – C7200-IO-2FE (FastEthernet, 2 ports, slot 0 only)
        – C7200-IO-GE  (GigabitEthernet, slot 0 only)
        – PA-FE-TX     (FastEthernet)
        – PA-2FE-TX    (FastEthernet, 2 ports)
        – PA-4E        (Ethernet, 4 ports)
        – PA-8E        (Ethernet, 8 ports)
        – PA-4T+       (Serial, 4 ports)
        – PA-8T        (Serial, 8 ports)
        – PA-A1        (ATM)
        – PA-POS-OC3   (POS)
        – PA-GE        (GigabitEthernet)
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Dynagen version 0.9.3 released, upgrade now

From author site :

This is a minor update with mostly bug fixes and the inclusion of dynamips 0.2.7 final in the binary packages. Also, now OS X is an "officially" "supported" platform — in so much that anything about this project is official or supported. 🙂 Meaning I’m now packaging a DMG with the Dynagen app, Dynamips compiled for Intel, a Dynamips server launcher, and all the associated docs and sample labs. Fellow Mac users, let me know how this works out for you.

Version 0.9.3 changlog:
* No longer prints a warning for unused switchports
* Added "MAC" option to set base MAC address of a router. See all_config_options.txt for usage.
* Eliminated unnecessary Leopard-2FE insertion on 3660s resulting in "a NM already exists in slot 0" warnings from Dynamips.
* Fix bug that caused crash when trying to capture packets on an unconnected interface
* Dynamips temp files are now written to the user’s temp dir rather than \Program Files\Dynamips. Might make it work better under Vista.
* Dynagen allows POS to frame-relay switch connections. But there seems to be a bug in dynamips 0.2.7 that prevents it from functioning.
* Console entries in dynagen.ini for use with iTerm on OS X and SecureCRT on Windows. The SecureCRT one is a little glitchy but generally works.
* Entering "no ?" caused a crash
* Including a new Network Device list script for Windows that includes interface descriptions in the output contributed by Volker Semken.

Download link