Opening port remote desktop on firewall

Due to change of branch location make my friend need to remote his computer (windows xp) office for efficiency, we discussing about using remote desktop in reality.

Remote desktop use port 3389 so the schema to remote is :

outside –> port 500 –> firewall forward –> 3389

Since load balancing policy, specific address need to remote desktop, e.g :


then firewall will forward that request to port 3389

what if no firewall involve then direct public address accessible :


doh, no firewall ? Consider install zonealarm for free 🙂

In general :

Windows XP Remote Desktop PORT : 3389

80? no it’s web server

21? no, it’s ftp

25? no, it’s email

no more question please 😉

Powerfull Windows XP CD

Common job for technician is installing operating system. All packs contain with all CD, CD windows xp for example, cd for photoshop, cd adobe reader and others program in separate CD. When installation job become routine I need little tool to help me for making my windows slim.

I got the answer : nlite

nlite will produce smaller file iso that ready to install to new computer, with unattended install process, no more license key,faster install mean less time.

OK nlite me a lot, my other question :

Can I use existing windows iso created by nlite ( 206 MB) spare room for other program like photoshop, winzip, winrar, pdf reader etc in that iso file.

Yes, iso modification software need to accomplish that job

One of the software for this job : winiso

I have made new custom iso cd contain windows xp and other useful program into single cd, here’s the steps :

1. Install winiso and register it .

2. Right click on iso file to bring winiso windows


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Install SSH Server in Windows XP

Being sick, no internet access available plus no new movie to watch, my friend ask me for shell account in freebsd box. He said for education purpose, wanna learn about ssh. Why not try it in windows? thats my question after see his Acer notebook. Is it possible? he reply
I don’t know, need to ask google first.

During search, I stumble upon of cygwin plus ssh solution.
Is there any easier solution for newbie like me?

Google pointing other soilution : sshd for windows

Download latest version from here, choose Binary Installer Releases
Quick install steps :


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