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Powerfull Windows XP CD

Common job for technician is installing operating system. All packs contain with all CD, CD windows xp for example, cd for photoshop, cd adobe reader and others program in separate CD. When installation job become routine I need little tool to help me for making my windows slim.

I got the answer : nlite

nlite will produce smaller file iso that ready to install to new computer, with unattended install process, no more license key,faster install mean less time.

OK nlite me a lot, my other question :

Can I use existing windows iso created by nlite ( 206 MB) spare room for other program like photoshop, winzip, winrar, pdf reader etc in that iso file.

Yes, iso modification software need to accomplish that job

One of the software for this job : winiso

I have made new custom iso cd contain windows xp and other useful program into single cd, here’s the steps :

1. Install winiso and register it .

2. Right click on iso file to bring winiso windows


3. First sight, 198 MB

Right click, add files if want to add only files, I choose add directory

Find directory

After click OK I see ‘other program’ in new ISO body

Click File-> Save as

give file name and click save, winiso will create new iso file

At the end new iso file created, in this case ‘WINDOWS_XP_SP2.ISO’

Fine, new cd created ready to burn using nero, deepburner etc.

I can left other CD installation now 🙂

See this video for illustration