Step by step install Engine X (nginx) and php-fpm in FreeBSD

Nginx already in my list for almost 3 month but I don’t have time for play around with it. As usual freebsd ports is my preferable method to install software in FreeBSD 🙂

I’m lucky to get php-fpm ports from php-fpm site that work for php-5.2.3RC. After change it a bit for php 5.2.6 I can test it together with nginx stable from ports too.

Here’s my steps for install nginx with php-fpm using FreeBSD ports :

1. Install nginx

alamster# cd /usr/ports/www/nginx
alamster# make install

I choose :


2. Install php

alamster# cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
alamster# make install

I choose :


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Detect more than one device for gammu

Another device for sms gateway has arrived, its Nokia 6070

I have connect it to server and need to configure :

Steps taken to do that using gammu are :

1. Edit gammurc file, for example :

port = /dev/ttyUSB0
connection = at115200


port = /dev/ttyUSB1
connection = at115200

2. Detect it using its number, like this example :

[email protected]:/home/edpteam# gammu 1 –identify
Manufacturer         : Nokia
Model                : 6070 (RM-166)
Firmware             : V 04.23
IMEI                 : 3529400bbb66979
SIM IMSI             : 5100169401yyy60
[email protected]:/home/edpteam# gammu 0 –identify
Manufacturer         : Wavecom
Model                : unknown (MULTIBAND  900E  1800)
Firmware             : 652a09gg.Q2406A 1489876 060706 17:19
IMEI                 : 35162100aaa5120
SIM IMSI             : 5100169401xxx90

yes, by add number in front of gammu you can detect each device perfectly.

Step by step install wpmu in FreeBSD

A client need to install wordpress multi user to teach their employee about blog. They want it installed in their server, running FreeBSD 7 stable.

Here’s step by step install wpmu in FreeBSD, might be useful for someone 🙂

1. Download latest wpmu file.


2. Extract and  rename

phantom# pwd

phantom# ls
info.php        latest.tar.gz

phantom# rm latest.tar.gz && mv wordpress-mu-1.5.1 wpmu

phantom# ls
info.php        wpmu
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Dual Booting, Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu Desktop

I still need my windows.

That my friend statement when he decide to give linux a try in his laptop after he feel comfortable with linux live CD.

Yes, in this post I’ll show how dual booting looks like and step by step effort to make computer with single windows xp into dual booting with linux OS.

1. Burn linux cd, in this case I use Ubuntu desktop 8.04

2. Reboot computer and make sure CD-ROM boot in first priority.

3. Make partition first for new operating system. (optional)

4. Installation started, some screenshots :

Choose Language, this step is important if you want to see another screen with your mother language pick the right one.

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Update to Windows XP Service Pack 3

Run a smooth and hassle free operating system is a dream of everyone who use windows as their daily friend including me.

I wrote this post as result of my friend fear. She deny to update her windows installation because she afraid and want to see it in screenshot mode.

1. Download Windows XP SP3 here.

2. Double click exe file.

3. Click Next

4. Choose I Agree Continue reading