in Linux, Step By Step

Dual Booting, Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu Desktop

I still need my windows.

That my friend statement when he decide to give linux a try in his laptop after he feel comfortable with linux live CD.

Yes, in this post I’ll show how dual booting looks like and step by step effort to make computer with single windows xp into dual booting with linux OS.

1. Burn linux cd, in this case I use Ubuntu desktop 8.04

2. Reboot computer and make sure CD-ROM boot in first priority.

3. Make partition first for new operating system. (optional)

4. Installation started, some screenshots :

Choose Language, this step is important if you want to see another screen with your mother language pick the right one.

Just point your mouse on the map and automatically your timezone adjusted.

Keyboard layout, choose right keyboard layout and test it.

Most important step, make sure you have 2 partition:

1. /, native . All things install in this partition.

2. Swap, virtual memory, normally the size is twice of your physical memory.

Fill information about you

installation progress started, will take a while, go get some food and coke to drink 🙂

Click on ‘Restart Now’ button to restart your computer.

Make sure eject your CD-ROM or change bios to boot hard drive as first priority.

At booting section, you’ll see options: just pay attention to :

1. Your Windows XP ( Microsoft Windows XP Profesional)

2. Ubuntu 8.04, kernel 2.6.24-16-generic

Highlight your preferred OS to boot and you’ll see.

Yes, now you have fully working system. One computer with two operating system. Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu.

Click here to download full video.