Learn MS Access 2003

A client want me to convert their application that use MS Access 2003 to web based application using php and mysql. I agree to do so and this post is just for myself future reference when I have to deal with other MS Access 2003 application.

Open MS Access 2003 in design mode

double click access file, choose block unsafe and click open button when you see ‘security warning’ menu.

while you click open button, make sure to press shift key.

open ms access after choose to block macro

you’ll see the application in design mode (you can access; tables, queries, forms and reports etc under objects)

Fix ‘invalid path error message” when you open ms access 2003 application

open the application and click Tools -> Database Utilities -> Linked Table Manager








select the linked tables to be updated and click OK.

wait for a while, new pop up will appear telling if ‘all selected linked tables were successfully refreshed’

Change ms access 2003 application title name

click Tools -> Startup

change application title as seen on the picture and click ok.

Open code editor for ms access 2003 forms

choose forms and click ‘code editor’ icon

new visual basic window will open, you can see the logic there.

convert ms access to mysql

I’ll update the post when I’m done with it.

Update : learn how to convert ms access to mysq step by step.

See you!

How to Cancel Paypal Recurring Payments

I love to try new thing, as slogan of my blog. Learning on demand, learning from anywhere 🙂 . I got email from opt-in mailing list yesterday, told me about software that will enhance my knowledge around marketing. All billing things handled by clickbank and they have recurring payment system in monthly basis. After test it in one day with $1 teaser I feel don’t get what I want to so I decide to cancel.

Since the payment using paypal I’ll share how to cancel clickbank recurring payment for any of you that might want to do the same as I did.

Login to paypal, see details of transaction to make sure you cancel the right one.

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How to find out information about your Computer Processor

My netbook died because of screen problem and I have to get new one. During pre buying session I see one of sales girl explain about computer processor fluently. She explain about specification, core speed, family etc and make me wondering how she learn that. I ask her and she told me about CPU-Z.

I decide to install the software on my Windows 7 after download latest version from cnet.

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Step by step guide install Hotspot Shield

Unblocked blocked website and open blocked website are common problem that I face when I’m in the office. Sometime I need to open facebook, gmail, youtube etc but its get blocked due to office IT policy restriction.

A few way to overcome that problem are :

  1. Using UltraVPN – How To Open Blocked Websites with UltraVPN
  2. Using Ultrasurf – How to use Ultrasurf for Bypass Blocked Websites
  3. Using Web Based Proxy
  4. Using SecureIpad – for Ipad user.

In this post I’ll add  Hotspot Shield, another way to overcome blocked sites.

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