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Cisco SMARTnet and Hardware Replacement

Actually this is an old case in which the Cisco 2800 router that is suddenly broken at the office and all the efforts that we know have been carried out but the router still can not walk properly.

Local checks be done and recommendations can be given is to resend to the nearest dealer for replacement of the goods with new goods. 100% new.

How can this be done?
SMARTnet is the answer, quote from cisco site:

“SMARTnet Gives your IT staff direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers, the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and an extensive range of online resources. You receive fast, expert technical support, flexible hardware coverage, and smart, personalized capabilities to help you resolve critical network issues. ”

This was indeed true, in the case of faulty hardware router we replaced our router with a new router. Here’s the process sequence:

1. Contact email address
2. Provide the following information in your email:
– No SMARTnet contracts
– Types of router
– Problems occurred
3. Our email reply within 6 hours by a TAC angineer which is dedicated specifically to the problems that we ask.
4. Case is opened and all the history will note there a solution.simply note the case number provided.
5. At this stage all the help of Cisco’s support will be provided either through the guidelines that we must type the command (if the instrument is still able to live up to the remote support). If the machine can live and work well then the case is closed.

In the case of the death total tool then some questions will be posed, the results of this question becomes a reference for the provision of new hardware with the RMA code.

Address details of contact persons associated with this router cisco will be asked by the parties, then a replacement item will be shipped within 1-2 days and will be able to accept. After this replacement tool and can work to replace the damaged device then our task then is to send us the damaged goods to a courier who had been appointed by cisco.

The process can be monitored simply by contacting the logistics or the Asset Recovery department to include the RMA code provided by Cisco. Filling the form will be asked to fill customer satisfaction by the Cisco after all this process is completed properly. In the case that we experienced the time it takes to get the tools and the resolution of all cases only takes 5 days. Our response to this SMARTnet service is exceptional and very professional.

Lessons from this case is if possible to get service Cisco SMARTnet on any device you have. Investments at cost of purchase and this warranty will provide added value and confidence plus for us consumers.

Info: not all resellers Cisco SMARTnet support this, make sure you ask them to make sure you get the best service.