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Calculating Idle-PC values in Windows XP

First try dynamips make me shock, my winamp get cold 🙂

100% cpu utilization means I can do multitask beside waiting for current process over.

Looking around at dynamips blog and read Hafidz blog give me clue about idle PC.

Try it out on my laptop :

1. Uncompress IOS and put it on images folder

2. Update Dynamips to latest version (0.2.7 final release)

3. Enter command prompt


4. Run dynamips affect process (94%) before using idle PC value

5. type cd “c:\Program Files\Dynamips”, followed by

dynamips.exe -t npe-400 -r 128 images/c7200-jk.bin


Just little story, I can’t translate how to type ” Ctrl-] + i  “,  after  search in  hacki forum

Ctrl-] + i = press “CTRL” and ” ]” together , after a moment press only “i”


Next, type reload then try issue command with –idle-pc=0x6068802c, no reponse.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cd “c:\Program Files\Dynamips”

C:\Program Files\Dynamips>dynamips.exe -t npe-400 -r 128 iddle-pc=0x6068802c i

after remove –iddle into -iddle it works, my fault 🙂

But iddle-PC value still not help my cpu utlization, It’s OK I’ll find other information


P.S : I just stumble upon tutorial using dynagen to calculate idle-PC in dynagen website

Will try it, later

Luch time 🙂