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Dynamips 0.2.7 final release, update now

While reading tutorial of dynagen, I just read  this part :

There is a newer version of Dynamips available than the one bundled with the Dynagen Windows installer. / How do I use Dynagen with Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP1?

The version of Dynamips included with the Windows Dynagen installer requires Windows XP SP2. In either of the above cases, download the Windows binaries from the Dynamips site ( For Windows XP / 2003 rename the xxx file to “dynamips.exe”. For Windows 2000, use the xxx file instead. “dynamips.exe” and “cygwin1.dll” to “C:\Program Files\Dynamips”, replacing the existing files.

I visit the blog and voila!

Dynamips 0.2.7  final release :

The 0.2.7 final release is available. Compared to 0.2.7-RC3, it contains the following fix:

  • Cisco 2691/3725/3745: high packet loss on integrated FastEthernet ports when they were simultaneously enabled (incorrect interrupt clearing in TX ring handling, please see BTS entry #171 for details).

The development will continue with 0.2.8-RC1 to be published soon.

great, I can try how to use newer version of Dynamips right away 🙂

I download binaries file for my windows xp here


Only extract dynamips-wxp.exe


extract to C:\Program Files\Dynamips

rename dynamips to dynamips_old and dynamips-wxp to dynamips

Start Dynamips server

Good, working well, I like build date 🙂