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Simple Way to Find Cisco IOS

Dynagen already accomodate dynamips,with last version of dyangen is 0.9.2 I’m ready to learn ciso router in our lab. While waiting for real cisco router I must practise first 🙂 After following video tutorial on installing dynagen I found that I need more thing : Cisco IOS From Wikipedia:

Cisco IOS (originally Internetwork Operating System) is the software used on the vast majority of Cisco Systems routers and all current Cisco network switches. IOS is a package of routing, switching, internetworking and telecommunications functions tightly integrated with a multitasking operating system. The first IOS was written by William Yeager. Cisco IOS has a characteristic command line interface (CLI), whose style has been widely copied by other networking products. The IOS CLI provides a fixed set of multiple-word commands — the set available is determined by the “mode” and the privilege level of the current user. “Global configuration mode” provides commands to change the system’s configuration, and “interface configuration mode” provides commands to change the configuration of a specific interface. A typical command may be “show interface fa0/48” or “no ip cef traffic-statistics“. All commands are assigned a privilege level, from 0 to 15, and can only be accessed by users with the necessary privilege. Through the CLI, the commands available to each privilege level can be defined.

Doh, no cisco ios available 🙁 with a little search on internet finally i found software called : IOS Hunter From IOS Hunter site :

IOSHunter is the excellent choice if you want to find suitable IOS image for your router or switch. It browses various ftp servers and web pages to find the requested image. IOSHunter’s search engine is multithreaded, so the process of searching is rather fast. Current version of IOSHunter searches for images in more than 1800 sources all over the world.

Awesome, need to try it out. I download trial version and install it. Installation process of IOS Hunter is easy, just follow on screen : cisco_ios1.PNG cisco_ios2.PNG cisco_ios4.PNG Time to find IOS : cisco_ios5.PNG From search result, highlight on the name cisco_ios7.PNG Copy and paste the name into google search box cisco_ios8.PNG And get the real place of Cisco IOS on the Net 🙂 cisco_ios9.PNG Download and save to your computer, ready for tandem with dynagen. Useful link for reading :

P.S : for registered version of IOS Hunter download button is available, no need to do extend search in google 🙂