Step by Step Guide installing GNS-3 in Windows XP

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While waiting for my lecture my laptop got hotspot signal. I hate waiting, so I try to install GNS-3 in my windows XP laptop.

What is GNS-3?

Taken from GNS-3 site :

"GNS-3 is a graphical network simulator that allows you to design complex network topologies. You may run simulations, or configure each device, from a simple workstation to a powerful Cisco router.

To allows complete simulations, GNS-3 is based on two existing projects:

  • NS-3 , a discrete-event network simulator for Internet systems, targeted primarily for research and educational use.
  • Dynamips, an IOS emulator which allows users to run IOS binary images from Cisco Systems.

GNS-3 is an open source product that may be used on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS X.

 Features overview

In the current version (alpha release) which is still under heavy development, GNS-3 works only with Dynamips. The ns-3 simulation mode has not been implemented yet.

Currently supported features:

  • Design of high quality network topologies.
  • Emulation of Cisco routers.
  • Load-balancing on multiple hosts/hypervisors when in emulation mode.
  • Topology import and export.
  • Image exports (PNG, JPEG, BMP, XPM)."

For complete windows package download here :

This packages contains :

  • Dynamips 0.2.7
  • WinPCAP 4.0
  • Python 2.5
  • Qt 4.2.3 DLLs and the MinGW DLL.
  • PyQt 4.2
  • GNS-3

Lets install :

1. Double installer, click Yes

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Standard Menu in Ms Office 2007

I like groove 2007 but I get confused operating other office 2007, I must find way to save file in ms office 2007, etc.

Can I use standard menu like ms office 2003 style?

Thats my problem :-), I just feel like learning Open Office. But I’m luck enough, after googling I get great software that able to help me to solve this problem.

This software called : "Classic Menu for Office"

My steps to get it work in my office 2007 :

1. Download the file here

2. Double click installer to start installation phase

3. Click Next

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Current Hardware supported by dynamips

I just looking for the list  in google until find it in hacki forum 🙂

Here the list from here :

7200 (7206 only)
    Chassis type:
        – STD
        – VXR
        – npe-100
        – npe-150
        – npe-175
        – npe-200
        – npe-225
        – npe-300
        – npe-400
        – npe-g1
        – npe-g2
        – C7200-IO-FE  (FastEthernet, slot 0 only)
        – C7200-IO-2FE (FastEthernet, 2 ports, slot 0 only)
        – C7200-IO-GE  (GigabitEthernet, slot 0 only)
        – PA-FE-TX     (FastEthernet)
        – PA-2FE-TX    (FastEthernet, 2 ports)
        – PA-4E        (Ethernet, 4 ports)
        – PA-8E        (Ethernet, 8 ports)
        – PA-4T+       (Serial, 4 ports)
        – PA-8T        (Serial, 8 ports)
        – PA-A1        (ATM)
        – PA-POS-OC3   (POS)
        – PA-GE        (GigabitEthernet)
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Change Role In Groove 2007

By default workspace created by manager in groove 2007 will set partcipant  role. My friend complain about his workspace, why his worspace come into playing chess area. One of person he invited add that tools in the workspace.

After dig for help (F1)

Solution is simple, just change the role to guest :

1. Right click on a username


2. I took Hanz for example, choose Role

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