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pdf spam, reincarnation of image spam?

gmail is great, when my old email server suffering with email pdf spam. Spam folder in gmail already filled with this pdf type  🙂

Some opinion :

from securiteam :

"I have been getting lately more and more PDF based spam, the PDF itself appears to be just a cover for the normal image spam. The idea I believe is that PDF is not investigated by most spam filtering agents, and is not regarded by spam filtering as a “score giver” (i.e. what makes the email look more spamish than others)"

from heise security :

"The goal of those behind this spam is clear: the spammers purchase shares at a low price and then try to drive the price up so that they can sell at a quick profit. The companies whose stock is being promoted in this way generally do not have anything to do with such attempts at manipulation, but by the start of 2006, studies were showing that spam about company shares can actually affect share prices."

ic..ic, playing with stock for profit.



Maybe I should forward my other email to gmail for autoclean this spam 🙂

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