101 Resources for Self Learning Cisco

Self learning Cisco? Is it possible?

Why not – with so many resource in internet like Blog, tutorials, video, wiki, forum etc will help newbie like me. After see many term like CCNA, CCIE, frame relay etc that I don’t know in networking field I found that Cisco is the answer, Cisco have standard and their certification is needed in related networking job. I’m just chemical engineer who wanna learn about networking so I need to list useful link to help me learning Cisco.

No intention to take certification for now but who knows I’ll take one some day 🙂 Since I’m very very new in learning Cisco I try to list useful link I found and will update the list on demand.

Learning On Demand rules 🙂

1. About Cisco From Wikipedia

Cisco Systems, Inc.NASDAQ: CSCO, SEHK: 4333) is a global company headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, that designs and sells networking and communications technology and services under four brands: Cisco, Linksys, WebEx and Scientific Atlanta. Initially, Cisco manufactured only enterprise multi-protocol routers, but today Cisco’s products can be found everywhere from the living room to the enterprise to service provider networks. Cisco’s vision is “Changing the Way We Live, Work, Play and Learn.” Cisco’s current tagline is “Welcome to the human network.”.

2. Certification On Cisco From Wikipedia

3. Start Learning On Certification Level

>>>> CCNA

CCNA 1, Intro to Networking, Networking Fundamentals, Networking Media, Cable Testing, Cabling LANs and WANs, Ethernet Fundamentals, Ethernet Technologies, Ethernet Switching, TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing, Routing Fundamentals, TCP/IP Transport and Application Layers

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