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101 Resources for Self Learning Cisco

Self learning Cisco? Is it possible?

Why not – with so many resource in internet like Blog, tutorials, video, wiki, forum etc will help newbie like me. After see many term like CCNA, CCIE, frame relay etc that I don’t know in networking field I found that Cisco is the answer, Cisco have standard and their certification is needed in related networking job. I’m just chemical engineer who wanna learn about networking so I need to list useful link to help me learning Cisco.

No intention to take certification for now but who knows I’ll take one some day 🙂 Since I’m very very new in learning Cisco I try to list useful link I found and will update the list on demand.

Learning On Demand rules 🙂

1. About Cisco From Wikipedia

Cisco Systems, Inc.NASDAQ: CSCO, SEHK: 4333) is a global company headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, that designs and sells networking and communications technology and services under four brands: Cisco, Linksys, WebEx and Scientific Atlanta. Initially, Cisco manufactured only enterprise multi-protocol routers, but today Cisco’s products can be found everywhere from the living room to the enterprise to service provider networks. Cisco’s vision is “Changing the Way We Live, Work, Play and Learn.” Cisco’s current tagline is “Welcome to the human network.”.

2. Certification On Cisco From Wikipedia

3. Start Learning On Certification Level

>>>> CCNA

CCNA 1, Intro to Networking, Networking Fundamentals, Networking Media, Cable Testing, Cabling LANs and WANs, Ethernet Fundamentals, Ethernet Technologies, Ethernet Switching, TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing, Routing Fundamentals, TCP/IP Transport and Application Layers

CCNA 2, WANs and Routers, Intro to Routers, Configuring a Router, Learning about Other Devices, Managing Cisco IOS Software, Routing and Routing Protocols, Distance Vector Routing Protocols, TCP/IP Suite Error and Control Messages, Basic Router Troubleshooting, Intermediate TCP/IP, TCP/IP Transport and Application Layers

CCNA 3, Intro to Classless Routing, Intro to Single Area OSPF, Intro to EIGRP, Switching Concepts, Switches, Switch Configuration, Spanning-Tree Protocol, Virtual LANs, VLAN Trunking Protocol

CCNA 4, Scaling IP Addresses, WAN, PPP, ISDN,Frame Relay, Intro to Network Administration

>>>> CCNP

CCNP 1, Overvew of Scalable Networks, Advanced IP Management, Routing Overview, RIP v2,EIGRP, Single Area OSPF, Multi-Area OSPF,IS-IS,Route Optimization Part 1,,Route Optimization-Part 2, BGP-Part 1, BGP-Part 2,The Routing Table

CCNP 2, Wide-Area Networks,Modems and Asynch. Dialup Connections, PPP Overview, ISDN and DDR, Dialer Profiles, Frame Relay, Managing Frame Relay Traffic, WAN Backup, Queuing and Compression, Scaling IP Addresses with NAT, Using AAA Scale Access Control, Broadband Connections, Virtual Private Networks

CCNP 3, Spanning Tree Protocol, InterVLAN Routing, Redundancy, AVVID, QoS, Securing MLS Networks, VLAN Maps, Transparent LAN Services

4. Simulator

  1. Semsim
  2. Boson
  3. Cisco 7200 Simulator (Dynamips), Dynagen (Dynamips front-end)
  4. VNUML (VNUML is aimed to help in testing network applications and services over complex testbeds made of several nodes (even tenths) and networks inside one Linux machine, without involving the investment and management complexity needed to create them using real equipment)
  5. Gns-3, The gns-3 project main goal is to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) for the network simulator ns-3 and using an IOS emulator – Install Steps in Windows XP
  6. VirtualPod
  7. CertExams
  8. Routersim
  9. MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA
  10. Networksims

5. Video Tutorial around Cisco, Dynamips and Dynagen

  1. Cisco – Dynamips simple hub configuration
  2. Cisco – Dynamips (Router Emulation Software) Installation Tutorial
  3. Cisco – Dynagen / Dynamips Basic T1 Configuration
  4. Cisco – Dynamips with Microsoft Loopback Interface
  5. Cisco – Dynamips Virtual Wan with Ethernet Connectivity
  6. Cisco – Dynamips and Dynagen install on Linux
  7. Dynamips – Router emulation lab with a 3640 IOS image
  8. Dynagen – Using putty for Console access
  9. Cisco – Session Logging with Hyperterminal
  10. Cisco – How to enable ssh on a router
  11. Cisco – Automatic configuration backup
  12. Cisco – Replace the configuration on a running router
  13. Cisco – Config diff command
  14. Cisco – AAA local authentication
  15. PEMU – Cisco Pix Emulator on Windows
  16. PEMU – Cisco Pix Emulator on Linux
  17. Cisco – Router Time, DST and NTP configuration
  18. Cisco AAA login authentication with Radius (MS IAS)
  19. Cisco IOS – Run exec commands from config mode with ‘do’
  20. IOS on PC
  21. How to load an IOS image
  22. Frame-Relay setup
  23. Cisco SDM Config
  24. Simple Frame Relay
  25. Frame Relay Tutorial
  26. Config cisco routers such as a VPN server
  27. Config Cisco Routers for Call Manager
  28. Dynamips and Linux ethernet interface
  29. Dynamips with Linux loopback (tap) interface
  30. How to configure nat overload (pat)
  31. Cisco-automatic configuration Backup

6. Video Training around Networking

  1. TCP/IP Fundamentals Training Videos (This series of videos on TCPIP Fundamentals, by Scott Skinger, is the perfect primer for an IT newbie or an excellent review of important TCPIP concepts for the seasoned IT pro. Topics covered include TCPIP theory, assigning static/dynamic IP addresses, components of an IP Address, configuring subnet masks, public/private IP addresses, IP address planning, calculating binary numbers, configuring the default gateway and more)
  2. Network Components (Network+ Training – Network Components, by Chris Bryant, teaches you all about the important devices that make up a computer network. Topics covered include repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches, network cards, firewalls and proxy servers. You will learn how a switch operates, the benefits of using a switch over a hub/bridge and much more)
  3. Cisco routing and switching (Cisco CCNA – Lan Switching,Troubleshooting – Physical & Data Link Layer,Troubleshooting – Frame Relay)

7. Cisco IOS

8. Cisco Tips and Tricks

  1. Cisco Routers and Switches: Tools, Tips and Tricks You Never Knew
  2. The Coolest Cisco Links of All
  3. BGP quick tips
  4. How to Setup a VLAN on a Cisco Switch
  5. Configure Vlan on Vmware and Dynamips : step by step
  6. How to use the OSI Model to Troubleshoot Networks

9.  Sample Config & Guide

  1. One router, NAT to 2 ISPs
  2. Cisco 1760-V SRST & POTS w/notes
  3. Cisco 2651XM-V SRST & PRI w/notes
  4. Cisco 5500 Catalyst Switch
  5. Cisco PIX 520 Firewall ver 6.3
  6. Sample Configuration for BGP with Two Different Service Providers (Multihoming)
  7. Sample Configuration Using the ip nat outside source list Command
  8. Guide to Cisco Router Configuration
  9. Sample Configuration for BGP with Two Different Service
  10. Cisco 801 ISDN calling an ISP with one way CHAP authentication and NAT
  11. Async Dial Back Example
  12. Back-to-Back Frame Relay
  13. Using the Border Gateway Protocol for Interdomain Routing
  14. CCIE Voice Home lab with Dynamips/VMware
  15. CallManager Express and Dynamips

10. Free Cisco Lab

  1. FreeCiscoLab
  2. Firewall CX
  3. Cisco Lab For Free

11. Forum

12. CCIE  Blog ( journey to become CCIE day by day)

13. GNS3 Related Tutorials

14. Cheatsheet (by PacketLife) Download All Cheatsheet

  • Procotocols : BGP ver 1.0, EIGRP 1.1, Ipsec, IPV4, IPV6, IS-IS, OSPF, SPanning Tree
  • Reference : Common Ports, Subnetting
  • Syntax : Markdown, MediaWiki
  • Technologies : MPLS, QoS, Vlans
  • Misc : Cisco IOS version, Physical Terminations

15. Others :


Have useful link to share?, please let me know 🙂

Last Update : May 24 2011