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Cisco VPN Client

Cisco VPN client software is tools that we can use to get connected in a network of a place, usually a corporate network. In this way the client can access office files or share files with people in the office without having to come physically.

The mechanism used on the VPN is tunneling, data transmitted and received by clients will be spent via a tunnel that makes data more secure.

In general, the operating system used is Windows (98, Me, XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X VPN server depending on the specifications used in the company. In the latest version of the client that can access the server are more variable such as Linux and Solaris.

Cisco VPN server from there are many, among which:
– Cisco Easy VPN Server
– Cisco VPN 3000 Series
– Cisco PIX Firewall

VPN protocols supported by the far the form of Point to Point Protocol, Layer 2 tunneling protocol and IP Security with a variety of forms.

For more information such as:
– Support client 32 bit and 64 bit
– Compabilitas with the server
– Configuration
– Troubleshooting

You can visit the Cisco VPN Client page here.

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