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Cisco CCIE BootCamp

Cisco CCIE Bootcamp is a program that aims to train candidates for the CCIE certification holders in a particular place and within a certain period.

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is a certificate representing the expertise and to be able to follow the program participants are required to have held the certificate and professional associations (CCNA and CCNP).

At the end of the CCIE certification holders will have the expertise for troubleshooting any network problem .

Good CCIE Bootcamp program criteria when they include :

1. Provides a simulation module R & S Lab exam
2. Provide a written exam module
3. Provide curriculum that is able to combine real-world examples with the theory in practice.
4. Provide a comfortable place and an environment conducive to learning and adequate facilities and infrastructure.
5. Instructors are experienced in their field.

In some providers even CCIE Bootcamp is provided free of charge if the facility repeat until not pass on the first opportunity to demonstrate the seriousness of their commitment to produce graduates who are good.

In some cases service providers CCIE Bootcamp you will see two types of bootcamp:
1. Inclusive CCIE Bootcamp (you got meals during bootcamp)
2. Non Inclusive CCIE Bootcamp (no meals provided)

Effort and hard work you do to achieve CCIE certification will pay off once you are able to reach it, career path and salary guarantees a very interesting awaits you.

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Good luck with your CCIE bootcamp and I wish you all the best.