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GNS3 0.4 released !

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The GNS3 0.4 release is available. It includes lot of new features and improvements, among them:

  • A dynamic mode (no design/emulation modes)
  • A new .net save/load.
  • c1700 and WICS support.
  • PIX emulation.
  • Dynamips’s ATM bridge.
  • Capture feature for links from the GUI.
  • IDLE PC calculation from the GUI.
  • GUI improvements (save the window state when closing GNS3 …)
  • Annotation feature.
  • Project feature (you can keep router configs, nvram …)
  • NULL NIO support.
  • PDF export.
  • New languages.

The next release is planned for late April and should introduce:

  • A simulated host based on the LWIP TCP/IP stack which will support some basic services (Web …)
  • JunOS olive on Qemu support (to confirm).
  • A symbol library.
  • Features to use GNS3 for making network diagrams.
  • New GUI improvements and options.

We hope you will enjoy this new version. We and beta testers spent lot of time to test this release, however if you find a bug feel free to send us a mail (be sure this is a bug !).

You can also send us your comments and feature requests but please keep in mind that we works on GNS3 during our free time and in an open-source spirit because we believe in the community.

Download link :

  1. Mirror1
  2. Mirror 2