Do You Use PHP5 in Production?

PHP 5 is getting mature , last version according to is 5.1.6 but still many people (specially me) tend not to use in production scale . Why ?

1. As newbie , I’m afraid of OOP
PHP 5 support “real OOP” , person who has background with C++ or Java or Delphi has no problem with OOP . I’m not – not an easy task to switch from procedural to OOP style

2. Web hosting in general still use PHP4
Cpanel or other script for hosting management still using “stable” version which is PHP4
There’s no reason why “reinvent the wheel” to support minority customer who like to use PHP5 than average customer that like to see their hard work which is working flawlessly in PHP4

3. Is my application still work if I’m migrate to PHP5 ?
It’s my personal question to myself and fortunately I’m to lazy to find it out

4. I’m a lamer
I like to see other people code and study how it work , and when I see sample code that use PHP5 . Whoa … OOP in action , help…help . No “hello world” tutorial in PHP5 ? Wake me up please 🙂

Finally, Now I’m to lazy but wait, I’ll change to look after You all guys .

I’ll learn and we’ll see then