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cvs, cvsup, portsnap and csup

Progress in *BSD world is very fast, everyday patch released, program update etc

to get that update via internet FreeBSD provide a few tools :

  • cvs, not so familiar for beginner
  • cvsup, very famous in FreeBSD, can update ports, source even for backup purpose
  • portsnap, only for port update, in FreeBSD tree since 6.0
  • csup, cvsup alternative, already integrated in 6.2 tree, no need to install, compatible with cvsup

example for cvs :

cvs -z3 -d co -P freesbie2

will fetch freesbie2 and located in current directory where command issued

example for cvsup :

cvsup -g -L2 ports-supfile -h

will update ports information

example for portsnap :

portsnap update

will update ports data, faster than portsnap extract

csup example :

cvsup -g -L2 stable-supfile -h

will update stable source

P.S :

make sure port 5999/tcp open for cvsup and csup

portsnap will use port 80