Free Blog on Your Own Domain with Free Email Hosting Part 1

Finally I buy paid hosting for my domain and I got free .info domain for 1 year.

Now I’m waiting for transfer domain process and I just think about using my domain for blogging too 😉

I’ll start this blog ( from scratch and host it in blogspot.

At the end of this process I get :

1. Blogspot blog with my own domain (

2. My own email [email protected], will be host by google using google apps ( free version)

I consider it as ‘from zero to one’ process, so I’ll make it as series, might be usefull for anyone who want to start blogging with his/her own domain.

Uncle Ben or aunt May may use blog too as alternative writing media beside watching soap opera 🙂

Here’s the general process :

1. Setting dns at domain registrar and register for account in .

2. Register account at blogspot and configure blogpot to use my domain as url address.

3. Testing phase, stop writing start blogging 🙂

Ok, let start from part 1 ( Setting dns at domain registrar and register for account in

1. My idea in the beginning are hosting blog at blogpot and hosting email at google apps.

To accomodate those things I need more flexible dns management.

I prefer to use .

Mydomain provide powerfull dns management for free not only for top level domain but also for other country domain like .id (Indonesia).

To use mydomain I must change dns entry to point to mydomain dns server :

Input this data to my domain control panel :




Click to manage


Click on Modify Name Server


Done, necessary step in domain control panel finished.

Next go to to get free account .

Click here to get free account at

Fill in all required field.

blogspot4.PNG blogspot5.PNG

Congratulation, I got my account at


To get start, click "click here" link to manage domain not registered with

P.S : domain isn’t limited to .org, .net, .org, .info only but also valid for other domain like .mobi, .name etc.

2. It’s time to add my domain by click "Add Domain" button. blogspot7.PNG blogspot8.PNG blogspot9.PNG blogspot10.PNG

3. After add domain successfully, continue to add service for that domain by click "Add Services" link.


After click CONTINUE, tick at "Registration Agreement".


Click "Complete Order"

blogspot13.PNG blogspot14.PNG blogspot15.PNG

Finish, invoice and email invoice will be sent to my inbox 🙂


4. Go to to check status of my domain



great, search result of working well. now associated with

Ok, it’s the end of part 1.

At next posting, I show how to connect to blogspot account.

Update :

Part 2 : Pointing blogspot to our domain

Part 3 : Set email hosting with google apps

P.S : I’ve found a few usefull link why using your own domain is important :