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Uninstallling / Remove Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Windows XP

I got used network card for my old computer, it’s enough to do more experiment with ‘real network adapter’ thats way I need to uninstall/remove my loopback adapter. My frist thought about removing microsoft loopback adapter is from control panel till I realize it’s behaves like real network adapter. To remove it off course via hardware menu.

Here’s step by step removing process Microsoft loopback adapter in my windows xp :

1. Open My Computer

2. Right Click on My Computer, followed by click Properties

3. By default General Tab displayed

4. Click on Hardware Tab -> Device Manager

5. Click + near Network Adapters

6. Click On Microsoft Loopback Adapter, followed by click delete button

7. Confirmation pop up, choose OK

Done, uninstall process successfully accomplished 🙂