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How to Setting ntp client in Mikrotik

RouterBoard have special behavior, that’s my observation after install MT in hard disk and then bought RB433AH.

In RB433AH time setting automatically to January 1970 every time its get restart. Till I use ntp (network time protocol) client in MT.

The step to set ntp client in MT :

1. Click ‘System’ -> NTP Client.


2. Enter information of ntp server.

I use google for shortcut, enter search term :

‘ntp server for Singapore’, resulted in :


3. Thick ‘Enabled‘, choose unicast mode and enter ntp server address from step 2. (

Click apply.


4. See the change, from host name it will be converted to ip address plus status ‘reached’.


5. I try to compare my local pc time with MT time.

Looks good 🙂


Since every log need time specification, I think setting time in MT is very important.

Don’t ignore it and make it as standard procedure for setting new MT .