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Create tar.gz in OpenSolaris

I need to make backup for our public_html directory

using tar command I used to use :

tar cvzf  filename.tar.gz directory_name

It work in linux or bsd but I have different situation with OpenSolaris :

# uname -a

SunOS TGLxxxxxxx 5.11 snv_86 i86pc i386 i86xpv

# tar cvzf public_html.tar.gz public_html

tar: z: unknown function modifier
Usage: tar {c|r|t|u|x}[BDeEFhilmnopPqTvw@/[0-7]][bfk][X…] [blocksize] [tarfile] [size] [exclude-file…] {file | -I include-file | -C directory file}…

Combine it with gzip using pipe will give tar.gz file :

tar cvf -  public_html | gzip > public_html.tar.gz

Yes, it works!

scp time.

P.S :

In case you want to extract .tar.gz file in OpenSolaris use this command :

gzip -dc filename.tar.gz | tar xvf –