Preparing ubuntu usb install for nettop installation

Due to budget limitation and energy saving campaign in my office we try to explore more machine for our sms gateway. The criteria for this low traffic machine is clear :

Lowest energy with high storage facility and price within the range $100 – $250


Search in the net give me a few result around mini pc aka netttop
like :

  1. Asus EeeBox EBXB202-BLK-X0081
  2. Acer AspireRevo AR1600-U910H
  3. QutePC-1000

Operating System

I have experience with ubuntu as operating system and more than one device for gammu.

Little problem came when I realize that install method available for this nettop stuff is via usb.

Searching with google for ubuntu usb install, live usb linux, bootable usb, bootable usb linux and install linux from usb give me hint for visit Lili USB Creator. Fortunately this tool run in Windows 🙂

Preparing Live USB Linux

Steps taken to create bootable linux usb installation are :

  1. Download ubuntu linux iso file
  2. Download latest Lili USB creator
  3. Extract and run portable Lili USB Creator

Step 1 : Plug my 2GB flashdisk

You might want to format it to FAT32 or let this tool do for you.

Step 2 : I use ubuntu iso file as source.

Step 3 : I enter 1000 MB

Make sure step 1,2 and 3 in Green mode. (pay attention to traffic light looks like icon in each step)

Step 4 : Choose option, I add Format the key in FAT32

Warning box will displayed.

Click OK to continue.

Step 5 : Click Thunder icon and let it work until you see this screen.


Open Windows Explorer and see the content of My Flashdisk :


Looks like it work well ( I use Ubuntu 9.10 Server iso file).

I’ll try this flashdisk with virtualization first before use it in our netttop.