As one of the famous content management system WordPress is one my favourite since 2007 (this blog use serendipity , blogspot custom domain then change to wordpress) and stick to it till now. For me this software is simple to use and I can handle the maintenance. This time I’ll show how to install wordpress […]

I just knew if FreeBSD 10 use Clang by default last time I try to compile HHVM on FreeBSD 10. Since I know nothing about this stuff I prefer to look back for older version when necessary. Quite surprise for me that FreeBSD have their collection since version 1. I only have 32 machine so […]

Since HHVM support wordpress I wanna try it on FreeBSD but compile guide for source only available for FreeBSD 8 and downgrade FreeBSD is not an option. Since I have access to vps that capable to run FreeBSD 10 64 bit I decide to take a ride and see how far (hhvm 3.3) and I […]

When browsing for FreeBSD ports on database section I stumbleupon percona server and decide to see whats the difference between pkg and ports : update pkg # pkg update Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue… FreeBSD repository is up-to-date. All repositories are up-to-date. # update ports #portsnap fetch #portsnap extract pkg and ports give same version : […]