Today I have chance to visit my friend blog. He ask me to look for wordpress theme that not work  after recent wordpress upgrade. The solution is simple : reupload his theme 🙂 . One thing that bother me is his cpanel show me version of mysql server he use. His cpanel using mariadb 10. […]

As ports lover I’m bit confuse when my friend told me about pkg. The page list the difference between pkg vs pkg_ command. I decide to try it on my experiment vps that almost abandoned. The machine already have a few package installed. A perfect companion for the experiment. # pkg info apache22-2.2.26                Version 2.2.x […]

Just quick note for my self. New php application use php 5.3+ and FreeBSD box have php 5.2 installed. # pkg info | grep php php52-5.2.17_15                PHP Scripting Language php52-ctype-5.2.17_15          The ctype shared extension for php php52-curl-5.2.17_15           The curl shared extension for php php52-dom-5.2.17_15            The dom shared extension for php php52-filter-5.2.17_15         The filter shared extension […]