Best way to learn scripting / program is easy. Just write the code and see the result. With the progress of OOP approach in field recently for our team make its ‘hard’ to adapt such change in mindset : Procedural vs Object Oriented Programming With case codeiginter,  we must learn the basic of OOP in […]

I just forget this function when my friend ask me about strangeness in his data he store in mysql. He has address data in <textarea></textarea>, new line not converted to br as he thing. He just see all the input just store in single line. After search for a while I remember this gold function […]

Whats the different of explode() and wordwrap() ? Answer : just see this example for explode() <?php $birthday=’1998-12-11′; //we need to split the component to date, month and year $day_parts=explode(‘-‘,$birthday); // we use – as tool to separate, now print $date_component=$day_parts[2]; $month_component=$day_parts[1]; $year_component=$day_parts[0]; ?> Wordwrap will ‘wrapping’ user input, like formatting crazy user who type […]

CodeIgniter already attract my attention since version 1.5, we even try to build application based on it. Beside its clear documentation, their user support awesome too. I’ll try to collect every resource that might useful to share with others who want to learn codeigniter. This post will be update regularly as soon as I get […]

Question : I have table A with field id, name and address. The data in name field seem not consistent, big letter name sometime found in record. How to update that field with uppercase in name field. For example :                  id              name                                       address                  1               FreAKHolicz  wORker            the moon                  2              tHE atMOSFER bluEZ            […]