Recent upgrade to php5 in appserv make me confuse when my friend ask me about this code : print date(‘d-M-Y H:i:s’); hour isn’t accurate after googling I found about date_default_timezone_set for full list of supported zone time see this link edit  the code into date_default_timezone_set( "Asia/Jakarta" ); // date.timezone = "timezone_here" print date(‘d-M-Y H:i:s’); […]

Recent upgrade to php 5.2.3 require to install gd support too but it always need xorg. Here’s a lttle note on how to add gd support in php5 ports in freebsd without xorg. 1. Checking installed php extension proxy# pkg_info | grep php5 php5-5.2.3          PHP Scripting Language (Apache Module and CLI) php5-bz2-5.2.3      The bz2 shared […]

Warning: session_save_path() [ href=’function.session-save-path’>function.session-save-path]: open_basedir restriction in effect. with error reporting set, blank page won’t give anything 🙁 A little work need to be done since session not working properly after upgrade php from php 4.4.7 to php 5.2.3. After doing install and uninstall php5 ports in freebsd 6.2 box. I can see that error. […]

Recent announcement from about end support for php4 make me thinking about upgrading to php5. All server already use latest php4 version php 4.4.7 with mysql support (4.0.27) and apache1.37 Upgrading start from student server : 1. Uninstall all related php4 ports 2. Install php5 ports kongja# cd /usr/ports/lang/php5 && make clean ===>  Cleaning […]

From "Today it is exactly three years ago since PHP 5 has been released. In those three years it has seen many improvements over PHP 4. PHP 5 is fast, stable & production-ready and as PHP 6 is on the way, PHP 4 will be discontinued. The PHP development team hereby announces that support […]