How to extend / renew flickr pro account

My wife flickr account pro almost expire, it will expire on October 2009.

Since she stay at my mother in law house with our newly born child she ask me to renew her account on flickr.

I thought the process is quite clear but I’ll post it for some people that might have difficult on doing this procedure.

1. Login to flickr

A confirmation message will appear, click on head over to the upgrade page.


Click on Buy Now button

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Install havp (HTTP Antivirus Proxy) in FreeBSD 7.1

Many of us still using internet explorer as main browser due to many factor, but much more related to our worksheet display. It’s in progress to make it more compliance to other browser such firefox and opera.

Another problem came up when spyware and virus spread more easier using IE. To prevent it from spread to other host I decide to install havp in junction with installed squid.

Squid already run in port 3128 and I want to install havp in recent FreeBSD 7.1 RC1

Here’s my steps :

1.  Update ports to latest version using csup and install havp

cd /usr/ports/www/havp && make install

2. Install clamav

/usr/ports/security/clamav && make install

3. Edit rc.conf, add these lines :




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Step by Step Install CCproxy for Your Windows XP

Howto make my windows XP ready for internet sharing?

Howto set server for my family?

Yes, that question came from my friend who has laptop and want to share his ADSL connection with his family.

I often refer to builtin ICS that windows XP provide by at this moment I’ll use CCProxy software, another software that I think easy to set and powerfull. Help me alot in setting fast server πŸ™‚

I start by explaining install steps for CCProxy :

1. Download latest version of ccproxy from here

2. Double click to install, click Next

2. Click Next

3. Click Next

4.  CLick Next

5. Confirmation page, summary of settings . Click Install

6. CLick Finish

7. CCProxy launch and ready to serve, not configured yet.

If you see this, it means installation goes well.

At next article I’ll talk about configuration step.

Stay tune πŸ™‚

Reset FreeBSD Root Password

Maintain more machine means more password to remember, while keep it unique and secure also tend to forget for long time inactivity. Yes, because its stable πŸ™‚

One of my sandbox need to replace the lan card and I need to login but I can’t.

After reading dan googling I reboot the sandbox and do these steps :

  1. Choose to login to single mode, press number 4
  2. Hit enter keyboard to enter shell
  3. Mount / dan /usr
  4. Change password using ‘passwd’ utility
  5. In some resource, suggested to use ‘resync;resync’ command
  6. Restart server
  7. Change lan card name πŸ™‚

I make video using vmware to ilustrate the process. Perhaps it helps πŸ™‚

Click here to see the video, click here to download.